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JumpGo provides a simple interface across multiple platforms. It's open source and free to use.

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JumpGo for Android

Download for Android

JumpGo for Android is available from many Android marketplaces, but for simplicity we're just linking the Play Store listing.

JumpGo for Windows Desktop

Download for Windows

JumpGo for Windows Desktop is provided by us on our github releases page only. This will eventually change, but it still works.

JumpGo Dev

The Developer Edition of JG

JumpGo Dev is a fast build channel with tools for for web developers. The desktop version provides HTML editors and and active testing services. The Dev edition also exposes various components of the desktop browser to be manipulated by the user in settings.

Dev features include:

  • Fastest build channel for updates.
  • Web development tools (desktop only).
  • APNM Framework exposure in settings (deprecated).
  • Debug tools.
  • Quick Access Dev Toolbar (desktop only)
  • Progressive Web App (PWA) development console and tools (planned, desktop only)
  • PWA live testing (planned)