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A complete redesign

JTechMe 10/18/2017

The JTechMe site has been redesigned! ...again. But why? Why did we go and completely scrap most of our site and rebuild it again? It boils down to simplicity and efficiency. The way our site was organized previously was a complete and total mess. Really, if you don't belive us just take a look at our archive.

Obviously, we needed to updated the main site to be easier to navigate, but we noticed others were having dificulty gettng any helpful information from the JumpGo landing page. The first idea we had was just add more info to the JumpGo page and hope people read the whole page... yeah, not a great idea. We knew we had to break up the information and keep with the material design of our new homepage, so we used the Android.com mdl template as a starting point to build onto. The end result was rather good if you ask me.

We're pretty proud of how our new site looks and welcome any feedback to make it better.

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